Yposkeso reinforces its skill in Project Management with the support of IM Projet

Tailored training in project management

Early 2022, Yposkesi launched an initiative to improve the management of its projects. It started with the rationalization of its project’s portfolio with the selection of key projects, the implementation of a “Portfolio Steering Committee” and basic tools to have an overview of the progress of the projects. This organization eases arbitrations between projects to fit with the company priorities and development strategy.

Following this initiative, Yposkesi performed, with the support of IM Projet, training in project management for most of its employees. The objectives of this training were:

All levels of responsibility (executive committee, project managers, work package managers, …) attended the training from June to October 2022.

To do so, IM Projet prepared a tailored training combining Yposkesi procedures, tools, and best practices in project management and the know-how of IM Projet. IM Projet regularly performs training sessions in project management for its clients, based on its operational experience of PMO (Project Management Officer) assignments in various fields.

Yposkesi is now better armed to drive its projects, internal or business projects as a CDMO for cell and gene therapy viral vector manufacturing.

About Yposkesi

Yposkesi, a SK pharmteco company, is one of Europe’s largest Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO) for cell and gene therapy viral vector manufacturing. A trusted partner for biotech and pharmaceutical companies seeking to advance clinical trials and commercialize new Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), Yposkesi offers a full range of services in lentiviral vectors and AAV (Adeno-Associated Virus) cGMP manufacturing.